We are tattooers, not Doctors. If you have any questions on the tattoo healing process, we are happy to help. We cannot however offer any medical advice of any kind. The below section is a generalized guideline to healing a tattoo. If you are having any specific issues with your heal and are worried your tattoo is infected, or you are having any sort of allergic reaction of any kind, please contact your regular Physician.

Proper tattoo aftercare is essential for ensuring your tattoo heals perfectly. After leaving the studio, your healing process will fall in one of two categories, depending on the aftercare solution you have chosen with your tattoo artist. Those two categories are a Saniderm Heal or a Typical Aftercare Heal. Below you will find a quick reference guide for both of these healing procedures:

Saniderm Heal:
A Saniderm Heal is by far the easiest and simplest way to heal a tattoo. Saniderm is a breathable surgical barrier that helps your tattoo heal without needing any additional creams or aftercare products. You are able to shower, swim, and workout in your saniderm, although we do recommend caution with these activities, as limiting the movement and tension on your saniderm during your heal will result in the best experience using these products.

If you are using Saniderm or a similar product to heal your tattoo, the most important thing to monitor is that there is a proper seal around the edge of your tattoo. Some fraying at the edges of your bandage is natural, there is no need to worry as long as the seal around the tattoo itself is maintained.

If your tattoo is leaking, or edges of your bandage have pulled away enough to expose your healing tattoo, remove the Saniderm product and heal your tattoo as you would with a Typical Aftercare Heal.

In some very limited situations, your tattooer may give you an additional saniderm sheet to help with ensuring a good seal around a difficult area. If your tattooer has given you an additional bandage, do not re-apply Saniderm directly to a tattoo that is over 24 hours old. After 24 hours your body has already started to heal your tattoo, and a new bandage will not heal your tattoo properly.

After 5 days, remove your Saniderm bandage in a warm shower, and then feel free to treat for dryness using a non scented lotion as needed.

Typical Aftercare Heal:
A Typical Aftercare Tattoo is the aftercare method that is most used in the tattoo industry. Simply put, this method involves keeping your tattoo clean, and applying a thin layer of aftercare product twice a day. This method can vary in steps, products used to heal, and length of time, but here is a brief overview of do's and don'ts if you are healing your tattoo via the Typical Aftercare Heal method.

DO keep your tattoo clean. Wash your tattoo with a non scented, non abrasive soap twice a day in the shower. We recommend a Gold Dial or Dove White Soap. 99% of tattoo infections happen when a tattoo leaves the sterile environment of the tattoo studio. Keep your tattoo free of dog hair, dander, dirt, grime, etc.

DO keep your skin lubricated with a thin layer of your chosen aftercare product twice a day, after washing your tattoo. Some common tattoo aftercare choices are (lubriderm and aquaphor). Less is more when applying your chosen aftercare. Always wash your hands Before and After applying your aftercare.

DO keep your tattoo out of hazardous environments for at least 14 days. This includes direct sunlight, soaking environments like the bath or a pool, and exposure to tight clothes that may be abrasive to your healing tattoo.

DO NOT smother your tattoo with too much aftercare. Less is more.

DO NOT soak your tattoo.

DO NOT rush back to the gym after your tattoo. The gym is a terrible environment for a healing tattoo. Excessive sweat and stress to your new tattoo should be avoided at all costs while in the healing process.

Touchup Policy:
Touch Ups happen. Healing a tattoo is not a hard science, issues can happen and that is perfectly ok and normal. In most cases, if a client has followed proper aftercare instructions, the studio will touch up your tattoo 1 time for you no problem, provided you schedule that touchup within 365 days of getting your tattoo. If more than 1 year has passed, touch ups will be done at the tattooers hourly rate to complete this work. This touchup policy does not include Finger Tattoos and/or smaller Shop Minimum tattoos unless otherwise stated by your tattooer.